Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, July 25, 2014

‘Bay-turtles’ action figures....

Playmates' Ninja Turtles hittin' Malaysian retail shelves...

Finally the new ‘Bay-turtles’ (or ‘Bay-tles’ as a buddy of mine says it) action-figures from Playmates hit Malaysian shores. Saw these the other day at one of the TRU in town. Obviously I wasn’t too keen on how Michael Bay had re-imagined our beloved TMNT characters. The 4 turtle brothers now looked distinctively different than the other.....which is not a bad thing really but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Here are a few of my observations off the new toys:
1       1) Donnie’s legs are too skinny. He has the most non muscled-up legs among the four. Is this because he’s the scientist and presumably didn’t get much fight coming his way?

2      2) April O’Neill aka Ms Megan Fox’s action figure has an abysmal 5-points of articulation...WTH? Why were the rest of the figures well articulated but this one gets sidelined?

Ninja Turtles movie Raphael

3      3) On the hindsight, I think Raphael was the most decent one out of the four, not just because he fits my image of how a live-action ‘Turtle should look like, it’s also because he’s always been my favourite among them all (*shucks*). Yup, I grabbed him the moment I saw him (hey, ya’ didn’t think I was gonna go home empty handed now?!)

  4)  Shredder looks menacing even though I think he seriously lacks paint. His picture at the back of his card looks better than the actual toy. Matters not...I think many customizers will give him a paint anyway. I almost got this together with Ralphie but decided otherwise (I opted to get the Nickelodeon Shred-head with the removable helmet for my son instead).

     5) The sight of the ‘I-look-more-like-a-terrorist’ Foot Soldier disgusts me. Just why did Bay have to fix something which clearly was not broken? Oh how I miss the 90s TMNT live-action movies (yes, even that sub-par third movie too....LOL).

     Despite the negativity on the action-figures and the bad rap given by fanboys and media alike, I am actually looking forward to this movie. Let’s give Bay a chance shall we? And if it does end up like a pile of cinematic excrement/faecal matter, then I shall leave it to the masses to start off the ‘anti-Michael Bay’ campaign we all truly deserve.

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