The Battle of The Five Armies....

Caught the last 'Hobbit movie last night already!

The Battle of the Five Armies was expectedly the expected good ending to the #hobbit  #movie trilogy. I wouldn't have #peterjackson done it any other way. Of course there are deviations from the book but that's what your trip to the cinemas is all about. I love Tolkien's book but I've always thought a lot of things weren't really explored thoroughly i.e them Mirkwood elves/end battle scenes and to this PeterJackson expanded them in his utmost creative ways. Even my 6-year old son enjoyed the drama/humour/fast-paced fight scenes.

Retrieving the Arkenstone...

Haters will be haters (their long list of grouses include the over-use of CGI and Jackson's disrespect towards the original source material from the book) but pay no attention to them. Go and enjoy the movie for what it is. Ain't no better way to close the year by watching an epic movie based on an even more epic book of our time.  Here's that same feeling we all got when we realised #returnoftheking was gonna be the last time we're seeing #middleearth on the big screen. Go and do yourselves a favour and read The Silmarillion & Unfinished Tales...we might see them being made next (*fingers crossed*)!
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The Rebel

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