Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some humble acquisitions in Jan & Feb....

The year has been rather slow for me in terms of the inflow of pop culture collectibles going into my collection. Still, I’m pretty thankful that I’ve been able to get the stuff pictured above that I really wanted since they were first announced way back sometime last year. I’m kinda hesitating to purchase another ‘large’ item but I’m still holding out from getting that particular collectible due to the ‘large’ cost associated with it. We’ll see how things go in the next couple of days (or if I crumble and succumb to my inner evils!).

Anyway, let’s go briefly into the stuff I’ve snagged recently.

ToyWorld Hegemon TW-01B - 2nd Edition  This one’s been sitting pretty high up in my ‘want list’ for quite some time. I missed out on the 1st edition but I jumped when the pre-order opened up for this 2nd edition/version/release. It’s supposedly missing an accessory from the 1st release (for the love of me I can’t remember which one!) but it doesn’t bother me that much really. This set comes with an alternate Megs head (black-colored; as homage to his comic appearance I think) and his laser-mace thingy (if there’s an accessory that I want that’s similar to the one included with the Masterpiece Megs, it’s gotta be Kremzeek!). Finally my voyager-class G1 Optimus Prime (iGear’s Faith Leader) has a worthy nemesis to go with him on my display shelf. I’ve been doing some basic touch up i.e. applying some paints on him ever since I got him but I’ll get to that later during my review on him.

NECA Aliens’ Bishop – I have an obsession with James Cameron’s 1986 flick so much that sometimes I even forgot that the 1979 film by Ridley Scott actually existed prior to it! Bishop’s here has been a dream come true for many collectors/fans of the Aliens franchise as it brings us a step closer towards completing the Marines line-up. While Ash scared the heck out of most of us, Bishop’s here has been such a relief and restored our confidence in trusting Weyland-Yutani’s manufactured sapiens (?). This is hands-down the best Lance Henriksen likeness we’ve ever seen (has there been any figure made based on him before I wonder?). NECA is really on the move with their Aliens license. Now give me Vasquez and Drake next (complete with their huge-a** machine guns) please!

Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars’ Silverbolt – Ok, who doesn’t want these Combiners...please raise your hands! I wanted to get the whole lot (yes, inclusive of that oddly placed Dragstrip in the Aerialbots wave too) but I’m kinda short of moolah right now. So I decided to buy the leader of the ensemble first seeing that he’s the fastest selling figure of the bunch (naturally).  I’m gonna want to complete Superion and later Menasor too. But the most exciting news I’ve heard yesterday was that a Devastator(Construction) is coming our way too this year! Goodness. I’m guessing the rest of the combiners are coming too at some point. I’m already imagining Superion, Menasor, Devastator, and the likes of Defensor, Predaking, Bruticus, Computron and many more gracing my display shelves! Finally, official AND affordable combiners from Hasbro!

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