Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spidey’s back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The Amazing Spiderman (Andrew Garfield)

I’m sure by now many have heard that Fox has finally allowed Spiderman to be featured in the MCU films. This would inevitably mean that ol’ web-head’s gonna appear in upcoming Avenger films but Andrew Garfield would not be donning the red-blue suit for MCU. I think the whole issue on character rights was pretty stupid to begin with. It’s absolutely absurd to know that Marvel could not even house every each of their ‘movie-verse’ characters under one roof unlike DC Comics (all of them appear or will appear under Warner Films). That’s intellectual property rights for ya. It sucks.

For the record, Tobey McGuire’s trilogy will always be special to me. Just when I’m starting to warm up with Garfield’s version of Spidey, we’re gonna see a new actor taking up the suit real soon. Word is that this new actor’s gonna be on board before Marvel Studios commences shooting for the Avengers: Civil War movie.

I’m excited to say the least to know that Spidey’s finally gonna have a chance to share screen time with the likes of Hulk, Iron Man and his fellow Avengers but the whole Fox-Marvel Studios hullaballoo still bugs me. Now that Spidey’s been given the green light to roam into MCU I guess the next best thing now is for FOX to allow the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters to cross-over too before the next Marvel ‘big’ movie starts to shoot. Yes, I’m talking about the Infinity War movies planned for a 2018-2019 release.

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