Star Wars 6” The Black Series display shelf...

Star Wars 6" The Black Series display shelf... #geekshavethemostfun #actionfiguredisplay #starwars #starwarsmalaysia #theblackseries

I finally took the trouble to get my 6” TBS figures out in the open over the weekend. They were always taken out of their packaging and thrown into my TBS plastic container for safekeeping. I guess all action figures deserve to be out in the open and not being left in boxes/containers to brittle or disintegrate over time. Besides, they accumulate that nasty oily feeling over time and you wouldn’t want to clean each and every nook and cranny of each figure once that starts to happen.

Anyway, back to them 6-inchers TBS figures...

We’ve received confirmation that a whole bunch of ‘em are coming our way soon. Bossk, Emperor Palpatine, Stormie Luke & Han, IG-88, Boussh (plus several other prequel characters....eww) and also deluxe sets i.e. Han with tauntaun & Luke with Wampa. I have no issues with Hasbro spewing out characters from the prequels but I like to see more original trilogy characters first or at least dedicate 3 out of 4 figures (per wave) to the OT. With Episode VII on the horizon (are we still calling it that?....or ‘Awakens?) I bet we’re gonna have an influx of characters from the movie too in between them OTs and PTs soon.

There’s another thing that bothers me. Why are we still being charged full price for half a character? I thought we had it bad when Artoo was at the same price point as the rest. When Yoda came I knew that Hasbro didn’t really give a hoot to what collectors had to say about the issue. I know some would argue that it’s always been that way anyway for the 3.75” line. But at a USD20 (or USD24 for us Malaysians) price point, I think we should only be charged anywhere between USD12-15 tops! I mean come on....half a figure at full price? Ridiculous.

Well, what you see above represents my only display options for the moment. Basically I’m quite happy with the limited space I have right now for these TBS figures but I’ll have another bout of headache when the next wave hits retail soon. You see, they’re already packed to the brim and I can barely squeeze in another 6-incher anywhere inside that display area. Boy, where am I gonna put the upcoming figures?!

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Unknown said...

Looking good! I've limited myself to figures from A New Hope, and have been hoping to see a Luke and Leia. They'll get here one day!