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Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Walking Dead - Season 5.2 Episode 9

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What an ‘expected’ shocker it was watching the start of the second half of Season 5 of AMC’s TWD. I’ve been building up the expectations by reading countless rumours and hints dropped by the AMC team on the rest of Season 5. I’ve always anticipated that a major character was gonna be given the boot but my prediction was off. I never expected Tyreese to exit the show so soon even though his character kicked the bucket a long time ago in Kirkman’s comic pages.

A lot of speculations have been brewing in the cyberworld as to why the producers decided to end Tyreese’s involvement in the TV series but the best (and most logical) explanation came from the very actor who played Tyreese himself, Chad Coleman. Coleman went on to explain his theory (and by Kirkman’s beard he is right!) that technically both Tyreese and Daryl can’t appear concurrently in AMC’s TWD series. You see, in the comics, Tyreese is rick’s right-hand man while Daryl, who was created specifically for the TV series, seems to be holding on to that title in AMC’s show. So there’s the sad truth about Episode 9 for ya.

I dig Daryl’s bad-a** attitude and what he adds to Rick’s gang but I personally didn’t want to see the muscle of the gang to exit so soon.

You will be missed Tyreese. 

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