Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Action-figure display: Sixth scale living room showcase...

Current #sixthscale #display #shelf ..not much space to show 'em all at one go so they get displayed by rotation. Not that I have much in my collection anyway  #hottoys #sideshowcollectibles #starwars #avengers #marvel #dccomics #darthvader #indianajones

I don't have much sixth scale action figures these days. Sold a number of them over the past year but I kept those that I really really want because I know someday I'd be proudly displaying them in my living room and make my guests go ..."WHOAHHH!".

Actually my better half suggested me to put my (one and only thus far) Detolf glass cabinet in our living room because it can break the monotony of a common living room environment. I love the fact that I married an equally geeky individual so there was never any argument on where to showcase our favourite sixth scale collectibles.

I might rotate these with the ones I currently have on display in my man-cave. Ooops, did I say 'man-cave'? Pictures to come real soon...once I'm done arranging that is....heh.

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