Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, June 15, 2015

I love Jurassic World!

Caught this one on the 1st day of release itself since my son was eager to catch his first ever cinematic 'Jurassic' experience. My wife and I told him how thrilling it was having watched the first 3 movies in the cinemas...something that every Jurassic-fan must experience at least once on their lifetime. So there we were on the opening day.

Now this movie takes me back to the good 'ol feeling of the 1st movie i.e. Jurassic Park in '93. It feels like a reboot (although it's not) because we finally get to see how a fully functional dinosaur theme park would be when opened to the public, something which John Hammond failed to realize all those years ago.

It's heartwarming to see a park full of visitors and that security is not compromised since there is no Dennis Nedry to bungle things up this time around ("Nah ahh ahhh, you didn't say the magic word!")....or so we thought.

Watching a movie from the 'Jurassic franchise will inevitably prompt you for one surety...that things are definitely gonna go wrong at some point of the movie.

Chris Pratt was awesome in his role and no matter how corny his 'alpha' male role was, I think it was a good plot altogether. Solid acting from the man who would most probably jump back straight into his Star Lord uniform for the filming of the second 'Guardians movie right after.

I love it that I finally got to see an aquatic dinosaur (although it's not my favourite plesiosaur!). The mosasaurus is one huge marine dino that'll make ol' Jaws cringe in terror (a great white shark is a mere snack for these mosas').

A hybrid dinosaur with the ability to trick humans? Sure, why not. But it's nice to see the T-Rex coming back on top of the dino kingdom after the Spinosaurus fiasco in movie #3.

In my opinion, the director could've really knocked the ball out of the park had he went ahead and gave cameos to both Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm (maybe riiiight at the end with their 'I-told-you-so' faces)...but that's just me.

I love this movie. A must watch for those craving for that good ol' popcorn fun of the first Dr Grant-led movie. And for the rest of you (I believe there would be first-timers too) just enjoy the sight of the dinos trampling/eating things all around. CGI is not half bad and the use of (although minimal) animatronics brings back that good old feeling of yesteryear's cinematic magic. 

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