Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Create your own Comic Book Hero kit!

Meet #captainspinner ...conjured from the depths of my son's figment of imagination!  #createyourowncomicbookhero

Meet Captain Spinner ...conjured from the depths of my son's figment of imagination! Every geek parent should try to do this at least once with their kids. Creating & painting the figure was great but hearing my son's detailed backstory of the character (with a hint of his favorite Egyptian folklore thrown in) was the bomb!

Cool thing is the base figures (there are 3 of 'em) and the corresponding headsculpts (also 3 of 'em) are retro-lookin' one might even theorized that they must've came from the 70s!

A geek's ultimate way to spend the weekend....creating/customizing your own #actionfigures !!! #ilhanology #geeky #geekshavethemostfun #boringpeoplepleasereserveyourcomments

This 'Create Your Own Comic Book Hero' kit was produced by Emce Toys (word is that this company was set up by the same guys who founded the Mego action figure company). I've only bought only one of their products before but I think they doing pretty ok for an 'under the radar' company. I've also came across some other products by Emce Toys (most of them were zombie-related and a few other cool lookin' retro stuff) and they do not disappoint. I love these random materials of retro geekery!

I highly recommend this set for those yearning for a good 'ol weekend activity fun!

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