Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Terminator: Genisys is a hit in my books!

A lot of peopIe will have a lot of things to say about this latest Terminator flick. I couldn't be bothered though, as I think the movie kicked a**! Whatever bad taste in our mouths that we had as a result of being forced to watch Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation is now all gone! Even my son loved every second of it thanks to the excellent portrayal of our favorite T-800 by the Guv'nor.

First of all I loved the concept of an 'altered' timeline ala Back to the Future's altered 1985. Instead of the scaredy-cat 1984 Sarah Connor, we now get to see a tough version of the character (thank you Daenerys...err..I mean Emilia Clarke) with a certain T-800 as her guardian angel. This also meant that instead of Robert Patrick we now get to see that dude who played Storm Shadow in the G.I.Joe movies as the T-1000 chasing the protagonists.

I love seeing multiple versions of Arnie's T-800 throughout the movie. The CGI team did a wonderful job in convincing us that we're seeing different versions of the character at different timelines. I love the fact that the altered timeline caused a T-800 to be sent to protect a very young Sarah Connor in 1973 and that he faithfully stuck with her throughout the movie. She even called him 'Pops'...awww.

This movie marks the first time that Kyle Reese' fate is actually known to us (the dude lives!). Inevitably we're also made to understand that there might not be any need for a 'John Connor' after all as our heroes had succeeded in preventing Judgement Day altogether. Frankly I was growing a bit weary about hearing on how everybody's scrambling to save John Connor so the Genisys plot was actually a breath of fresh air. Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese saving the day? A T-800 helps along the way and actually survivcd at the end of the movie? No problem.

I've always thought the ending of Terminator 3 was stupid so when I heard Sarah Connor mentioning that 'the future has not been written yet' I was relieved. I just hope that them producers will stop at the current storyline and not confuse us any further and distort the franchise like they did in the 3rd movie. But now we know that this is not gonna happen as at least two more sequels have been planned. (*Spoiler alert*.....the post-credit scene had more or less opened up the possibilities of the return of Skynet,,,,sheesh!).

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