Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Adam Sandler's PIXELS...

Even before I watched this flick, there were already cat-calls from some quarters that Pixels was gonna be another clichè Adam Sandler no-brainer comedy movie. True to some extent but one should never be so fast in dropping the judgment hammer down before you actually watch the film. The same happened when Grown Ups 2 came out. GR:2 was a box-office success despite many labelling it as 'just another Sandler goofball flick'. 

A good comedy movie will be a good comedy movie. That is all to that right? My family and I had a good laugh watching this one. Coupled by the fact that my wife and I actually went through the heydays of arcade games, so it all made perfect sense. Even our young son grew even fonder of the classic retro games after watching this movie. Oh and the movie opens and closes with Cheap Trick's ' Surrender', another favourite 70s tune of mine....so what's to hate about the movie.

I love Peter Dinklage's character Fire Blaster. There were a few brilliant funny lines that came out of the man and I didn't think it would've sounded as funny if some other actor have said it instead ("I want a card that says I saved the world and I don't want to pay anymore sales tax..." haha brilliant!).

Kevin James was being himself as usual and I think I kinda get the recurring use of the name Lamonsoff in Sandler's movies (although it's not James' character name this time around). I also dig Dan Ackroyd's cameo in the beginning of the movie though I secretly wished he had played more role when I first saw his character.

In short, Pixels is a stoner comedy that just runs silly for an hour and a half or so. Don't get your expectations too high but as clichè as it may be, get ready to laugh your socks off!

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