Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Some mind boggling questions from The Force Awakens' trailers

Kylo 'StyloMylo' Ren

After trailer #3, we were left with more questions than answers (naturally) about the upcoming Star Wars film. Great build up by both Disney/Lucasfilm and director JJ Abrams. Every fanboy is just dying with anticipation to clarify things which have been teased throughout the trailers thus far.

I don't think any of the prequel films ever clicked so much curiosity in me. I mean, those are some pretty defining moments we've seen in the trailers. Please feel free to state your theories and what you think will happen in each of the scenarios below. Whatever happens/will be revealed on Dec 17 is anyone's guess l. For now let's go through my top 5: 

1.   Where the heck was Luke Skywalker? We've seen Han....Chewie....Leia, but no sign of ol' Luke. This only suspiciously conforms most fanboys' theory that Luke's gonna fall to the dark side. Or worse....killed off at some point in the movie. Some even say that Luke IS Kylo Ren. Rrrrright.

2. Finn wielding a light saber? Is he a Skywalker? His lightsaber hilt tells us so and no one simply uses a Skywalker's lightsaber now can they?! But then again Han Solo had also once held and used the famous Skywalker 'saber in ESB.

3. Is Han Solo gonna die? Every fanboy knows that Harisson Ford was ever so keen for George Lucas to kill off his character in ESB. Ford's decision to be in TFA really surprised many but it also comes with a heavy price. Ford has explicitly mentioned that he won't be available for any future Star Wars films anymore. My guess is that he accepted Abrams' offer while inserting the same caveat that he made to Lucas during ESB. Makes sense?

4. Why was Rey crying her eyes out? Again with the Luke/Han death theory here. Even so, why does she look so freakin' devastated in that 1-second trailer scene? Did she just discovered that she's connected to Luke/Han? 

5. Did Han and Leia have any children at all since ROTJ? What was that hug for? A reunion...or simply a sad goodbye for Han? God I can't get this Han Solo dying stuff out of my head. Maybe I'll come to terms once we get to actually see the movie. Nothing is really confirmed at this point of time. Coming back to their children, could Rey or Finn even (hopefully Lando didn't get involve with Leia at any point of time...hahaha) be their kids? Could be. If that's the case then I'm all for it since the Expanded Universe Jacen/Jaina characters annoyed the heck out of me.

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