Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The next Generation of MOTU fans!

My 7-year old son #ilhanology is head over heels over #mastersoftheuniverse these days. Here are his sketches of #heman and #trapjaw today  #motu #shera #eternia #etheria #castlegrayskull #skeletor #filmation #mattel

The Masters of the Universe (MOTU) aka the 'He-Man & gang' cartoon series was one of the defining pop culture elements for the younger me way back in the 80s. What started out as an affection for the Filmation cartoon series quickly turned into an obsession for the action figure line (I'm pretty sure Mattel intended it to be so....those smart bastiches!). 

The MOTU action figures of yore were good for the time but fast forward 30 years later, the same kids who grew up watching the cartoon aka the current 'adult collectors', now demand a much better sculpted and articulated versions of their favorite heroes/villains. I thank the Maker that I was lucky enough to have been there at the very beginning of the MOTU Classics line back in '08. I have now not only been able to buy back the modern/updated characters that I had back then, but it had given me the chance to actually pick and choose whoever I want from the whole 80s  catalogue. Sweet!

When my wife and a I started introducing the MOTU Classics figures to our son, he wasn't all that excited...*ok, a bunch of dudes in loin cloths...meh*. Now the little man is always the first to suggest popping in the He-Man/She-Ra DVDs whenever there's free time. Admittedly, he is as giddy as how our generation were back the glorious 80s. My MOTUC are now among his favorite action figures! 

The He-Man and Trapjaw sketches you see above were sketched by memory since they're clearly among his favorite Masters. Trapjaw is now  placed proudly at the entrance to his room while He-Man sits pretty in his home-made frame.. The little man even know that ol' metal jaw's real name is Kronis (man, some fans really read the bio cards)! Now how about that? The next generation of MOTU fan well on the way!

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