Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Observations from watching The Force Awakens for the umpteenth time...

Is it even safe to discuss spoilers from Star Wars TFA at this point of time? We're clear from the 1-week mark since the date of release that's for sure. Obviously if you haven't watched the movie already you'd steer clear from clicking the link to this posting of mine.

I've re-watched TFA again yesterday afternoon with my family at the expense of Peanuts The Movie (even my son wanted to see The First Order again rather than Charlie Brown's troops!). Seriously...the movie gets better every darn time.

I've got a few thoughts cooked up inside of me since re-watching the film yesterday.  You see, you tend to over analyze things when you have the liberty (and time) to really look at the finer details of the film. For example, during the opening scene right after crawl,  instead of being awed by the sheer might of the Star Destroyer, I focused my sight on how many Stormtrooper troop transport were dispatched to Jakku.

So you more or less know where this discussion is heading now right?

Let's just start with a light observation first shall we? I've got a more serious argument coming up too but seeing that one has got something to do with the plot, we'd better be saving that off for another day. Now obviously my argument today has got something to do with X-Wings since I've got a picture of them...well, of them toys plastered at the very beginning of this post.

*SPOILER ALERT*......turn around now if you haven't seen the movie already....you've been forewarned.

Ok....here goes......

Notice when the Resistance X-Wings were about to make their hyperspace jump from Illeenium to Starkiller Base? There were 12 of them....I counted. These same dozen arrived and have been accounted for upon their arrival at the 'Base (again I did a quick count).

I could have sworn more than 6 were destroyed during the ensuing battle with the TIE Fighters and turbolasers fired from the ground. It really mindboggled me when seven (7) X-Wings made it home with the Millenium Falcon. Have my simple maths failed me?

I shall be further analyzing this when I have the blu-ray in my hands many months from now...hahah.

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