Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

*TFA SPOILER of some sort* Where's 'Constable Zuvio' in The Force Awakens?!

Constable Zuvio is/was one of the most intriguing character off the Star Wars Black Series action figure line. That's right, I was curious from the moment Hasbro announced that they'd be offering us two incarnations of the character i.e. one in the 6" Black Series line and one in the 5-POA 3.75" line. On the onset he looks menacing enough to be a villain. Later I found out that he's kind of a 'policeman' on planet Tatooi...err....Jakku. An enforcer is more like it. Policeman...enforcer..whatever. What's certain is that he is a person of authority on Jakku. From the screen capture above, we can see that he's leading some kind of a 'police/enforcer team' to preserve peace and tranquility on Jakku. Sadly I heard that his scenes were omitted from the final movie altogether. 

Funny that the image above was strewn across many magazines and publications that touched on The Force Awakens months before the movie's release when the character itself was not given screen time. Did Abrams and co. decided to cut his scenes at the 11th hour? While I'm not too disappointed with the fact that this dude didn't appear in the movie, I'd just like to say that his action figures has potential to be highly sought after in the aftermarket. Well, not right away at least (he is still peg warming at most retail outlets for the time being). But you get the drift. 

Constable Zuvio has just been given the 'Christopher Lee/Saruman' treatment in The Return of The King. I remembered how pissed off the great Christopher Lee was upon learning that his part had been totally cut off from the cinematic release of RoTK. When mentioned that he'd appear anyway in the DVD/blu-ray release, he swiftly answered "What's the point?!". Unfortunately we'd never get to know the actor who played/provided the motion-capture movements for Zuvio so he's technically not available for comments for the moment. I'm betting that we're gonna see Constable Zuvio in the blu-ray release of The Force Awakens sometime late next year. 

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