Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, January 15, 2016

How about some LEGO…err…LEGO-‘like’ Star Wars TFA minifigures?

Star Wars The Force Awakens not-Lego minifigures

Any Star Wars: The Force Awakens products have been snapped up like nobody’s business over here in Malaysia. I believe the frenzy is also widespread throughout the rest of the Asian continent (it really is a wonder how people seemed to splash their cash on merchandises based on a ‘make-believe’ universe when the economy has taken a tumble….(well, in Malaysia at least). I wasn’t really planning to get any of the newer LEGO TFA sets but I’d be happy if I can get the minifigures on my display shelf. Most of the LEGO TFA sets have already been snagged clean from the shelves by now, inevitable after the film’s release.

So where would you get the minifigures now you ask? We in Asia are lucky enough to get bootleg figures but the real challenge is to differentiate the good ones from the bad. Seriously, there are a number of producers of bootleg minifigures out there currently, so much so you’d have to do your own comparison to determine whether company A’s Superman looks a tad/mile better than company B’s and vice versa. They may vary in color, design and aesthetics (some may even have creepy-looking eyeballs). But that’s bootleg minifigures for ya’….


In no way I am promoting nor advocating the purchase of non-official LEGO products. It’s just so happened that these were available on the cheap in front of my eyes and they are perfect fodders for my minifigure customising work (yea right).

Mind you, these are actually from two separate producers. I think they were called ‘Brick World’ and ‘OK’. The figures are kind of a mixed bag. Some are really spot-on reproduction of the real thing, some has slight differences here and there; and some simply falls off the mark totally.


TFA not-Lego minifigure

Like that First Order Stormtrooper for instance. I think it looks exactly (if not 99%) like the original.

TFA not-Lego minifigure

The rest of the minifigure designs are ok too. They’re not too bad and look almost like the real deal. When I say almost, it means that they’re in the 90-95% range.


TFA not-Lego minifigure

This old Han Solo minifigure looks pretty cool on the packaging with his brown jacket and all. Once you pop him open you’d instantly be annoyed to find out that his supposedly brown-hued jacket is red! I have no problem with the design but something must be done with that color of his jacket. (maybe this is a PERFECT excuse to finally get that LEGO Millenium Falcon set! Haha…)

I understand that bootleg figures might not sit well with some as some may declare that they are partial with a particular brand and there ain’t nothing that can beat the level of quality….yada…yada….yada. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and so am I. Ultimately, I’d like to view myself as a ‘toy collector’ first rather than a ‘brand collector’. So, go nuts and collect anything that captures your fancy!

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