LEGO Green Goblin from Amazing Spiderman 2 custom minifigure....

It's been a while since I last dabble in the wonderful world of Lego minifigure custom work. When I say wonderful it simply means that it gets harder by the day to keep my eyes squinting all the time while I add the nitty gritty details on the Lego minifigs.

Yes, I should have listened to my better half and get a proper hobby magnifying glass. Maybe sometime soon. But for now here's what I've came up with....the Green Goblin from Amazing SpiderMan 2. I think the official version came out too but naturally I had no intention of tracking that obsolete set down just to get my son that Green Goblin. So next best thing custom it myself.

I didn't really add the ears as I think it won't affect the overall look anyway.

I think it turned out pretty decent doncha' think?

The Rebel

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