"Who gave you permission to remove your helmet?!"

Who gave you permission to remove your helmet?

This was quite a controversial scene for some. If you noticed, there seemed to be a hissing sound as Finn...or FN-2187 as he was known at the time, lifted his helmet from his head. Does that mean that the helmet is vacuum sealed every time those troopers pop them on? Anyway, it was a bummer not being able to see more Captain Phasma and honestly I was kinda expecting to see her without her helmet on.

From the movie we know that standard issue Stormtrooper helmets only filter out smoke and NOT poisonous gas/toxins. IMHO they should be able to be really completely vacuum sealed and be equipped with oxygen supply. That way it would reduce the odds of these troopers from dropping dead like flies when a gas leak occurs....*shucks*

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