Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile deluxe set comin' our way!

#batmantheanimatedseries #batmobile #deluxeset ...ya get that awesome big a** Batmobile from the early #90s cartoon show, the dynamic duo of #batmanandrobin as well as an exclusive batsignal. I.....WANT

The current animated action figure series by DC Collectibles had many collectors/fans of the early 90s TV series clamoring to their respective hobby stores to find the characters that they hold so dearly to their geek hearts. Inevitably when Batman and Robin were a sure starter in the line up, many knew what will come next i.e. the almighty Batmobile itself! The Batmobile was already released some weeks ago and personally I have NEVER seen it at hobby stores/toy specialty stores/retail shelves anywhere here in Malaysia. Heard that scalpers did everyone a favour by swiping every single unit clean off from hobby stores/retail.

I wasn't that keen to collect any figures from the line but somehow rather my son managed to coax me to get him the bulky-sized Bane figure for his DC villain collection. Well, my non-interest kinda stopped when I first heard that the deluxe set is coming sometime in August. By the time my interest started to build up, many of the action figures from the series have already been snapped up at retail.

I guess the execs at DC Collectibles heard the plight of the many unfortunate collectors when they finally announced that the Batmobile's gonna be re-issued albeit a better paint job complete with metallic finish. In this deluxe also comes the dynamic duo (great, I won't have to hunt them individually!) and a special edition bat-signal that will surely get every fanboy (and inevitably scalpers!) standing up from their seats. I'm betting that there'd be an influx of the earlier issued Batmobile on eBay real soon as these scalpers look to offload those in favour of the upcoming deluxe set. 

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