Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, April 15, 2016

End-March haul....

This month's humble haul....

Yea....yea I know it's already April. I've been behind so many stuff lately. I hope I can keep up. Ya know what they say....better late than never. Whatever  =p

I've been very very selective lately about stuff that comes into my action figure collection. Gone were my days of running amuck with monthly multiple purchases of MOTUC figures (I've since opted out....have you seen how ridiculous the line-up is these days?) or impulse random purchases of literally any cool stuff that I lay my eyes on at my weekly flea market run. But there are stuff that really calls out to you and you just know that these gotta make their way onto your collection/display shelves once you've seen them.

For the record, all of these cool stuff came from the States courtesy of a buddy of mine who scours his Walmarts/TRUs/Targets religiously. God bless him!

Let's see what them nice postal guys brought for me this time around:

1) Star Wars 6" The Black Series First Order Stormtrooper x2 - got these during the Force Friday hullaballoo (yes, it was that far back when it was still rare). These days, the FO Stormies are crowding display shelves everywhere here in Malaysia...*shucks*

2) McFarlane's 5" TV Series The Walking Dead Morgan & Dale - for those who follow the McFarlane toy world updates, you may have heard that they are planning to scrap the 5" line in favor of a 'new' Marvel Legend friendly scale i.e. 6". I'm not too keen to start all over again therefore I will get whatever characters from the 5" line while I can....and then I'm out.

3) Star Wars 3.75" The Black Series Finn & Rey (Jakku) - while the super-articulated 3.75" line is sold at a ludicrous price point here through TRUs in Malaysia (they're at a staggering RM132 or USD33 each...MIND BOGGLING!!) my buddy managed to find these at about USD13 each at his Walmart. Ahh the challenges of getting super-articulated Star Wars figures! I miss the VOTC line.

4) 6" NECA Christopher Reeve Superman - finally after a long wait, he's finally here to join my legions of Supermen. Best...on-screen....Supes....ever. 'Nuff said

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