Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How about some PEZ for the collection?

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I can safely say that almost anyone that is interested in pop culture collectibles would definitely be aware of the infamous candy dispenser contraption that is PEZ. Funny thing is, PEZ actually prefers to be known as a candy producing company even though they’re most likely to be more recognized for their variety of candy dispensers. I mean, who gives a hoot about those PEZ candies right? Is there anyone that actually cares about the candy that came with the dispensers? I’m sure there are gonna be people who do consume the brick-shaped candy, but that’s not why we’re here today folks!

I had successfully resisted these PEZ throughout my collecting life although I came mightily close to snag a few during the last couple of years (those Simpsons PEZ were really really tempting!). My son finally caved in and decided that he’d want to start his own PEZ collection. As you can see, he’s purchased quite a few to kickstart his collection. I’m all for it since it had also been my ambition to one day start this collection myself:

#batmanvssupermandawnofjustice #pez #batman #superman #wonderwoman #batfleck #benaffleck #henrycavill #galgadot #dccomics
Naturally, many had expected PEZ to churn out characters off the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film and so they did! I personally like how the characters' resemblance here is pretty close to the actors/actress themselves. My favorite is Batfleck! No matter how you turn him at every angle, he still looks uncannily like Ben Affleck. 

Ok, I gotta confess. I personally chose The Hulk over here and added it to my son’s haul (dammit son, I can’t resist a 70s-lookin’ Hulk!!!). I might go back to get Spidey and IronMan later. MAYBE. 

70s-lookin' PEZ Hulk!

These PEZ have definitely cemented their place in pop-culture history as one of the most collected item in the history of ....err...collecting. I've seen some great PEZ collection by some of youse long time collectors and I kinda understand the satisfied feeling of seeing so many PEZ dispensers all lined up on your display shelves. It's interesting to see where would my son's PEZ collection go. At this point of time, I'm for it. Bring on more PEZ designs for us to collect! 

For the time being, here is how we're gonna display our small PEZ collection. A DIY display option while I scour the 'net for more suitable display methods.

My boy is starting a PEZ collection!

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