Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Love 'em POTF Star Wars figures!

Star Wars Power of The Force - Kabe & Muftak (1998)

Despite its many shortcomings, many of which revolved around the Power of The Force's (POTF for short) lack of articulation points, did not change the fact that the line had given us some of the most sought after action figures from the Star Wars universe. Generally, apart from the abysmal POA, these mid-late 90s POTF line will forever be ingrained in our minds as the Star Wars line that gave our beloved heroes/villains body builder bodies. The earlier POTF figures seemed to suffer the most as they mostly look like they've been on steroids. I still have some of those figures in question and I can tell you that they're nowhere near my display shelves...LOL.

Luckily for collectors back in the day, the POTF line gradually improved towards the end of the line. Well, by saying 'improved' I meant to say that they line practically had better designs before it gave way to the highly anticipated 'The Phantom Menace' toyline that had its run from 1999-2001..Take this Kabe & Muftak 2-pack deluxe set for instance. This was one of the better POTF release we've ever seen at the end of the line but many would rue the chance to actually own one back then as this set was an internet exclusive in 1998. This means that this was highly sought after back then as collectors scrambled to get the set to complete their Cantina diorama. A quick check today revealed that you can easily track this set down on eBay for as low as USD10 (at least ONE seller listed it at 10 bucks).

I'm quite impressed with the character designs and the paint seemed flawless from the window view. Ok I admit that I've yet to tear them open from their blister card packaging (yes, blister packaging underneath that outer box!) but it's only because they look so darn good in their packaging....and I am for one, not known for keeping my Star Wars action figures trapped, except for those darn VOTCs that is.

Something about that green-on-black motive plus the Darth Vader head on the POTF box that gives me the nostalgic chill....

And if you can recall how cool the character bio is at the back of each POTF card/packaging.

Star Wars Power of The Force - Kabe & Muftak (1998)

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite POTF figure(s)?

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