Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My brief thoughts on The Jungle Book (2016) film

#junglebookmovie was quite good. I pity those who left their imagination at home while they watch this excellent on-screen intepretation of #rudyardkipling 's work. #geekgoestothecinemas #moviebuff

It was a fun movie. Far better than I have come to expect it myself. To be honest I was kinda expecting Baloo the Bear to sound like John Goodman (he DID voice Baloo in the sequel to the original 60s animated film). In fact, I think Bill Murray did a splendid job voicing Baloo, so much so, I am of the opinion that he was the star of the show, surpassing even Mowgli himself!

Just when I thought that there won’t be any singing, came ‘The Bare Necessities’ song (or was it ‘Bear’ Necessities???? Whatever). It was ok, given that it wasn’t really a full-blown musical like the animated film was. I tend to ‘drift’ away during singing scenes during movies. My wife knows me very well. Haha.

I didn’t really notice that Christopher Walken was inside the movie although during the show my suspicious ears told me that this mafia-sounding ape was beginning to sound like Max Shreck from Batman Returns. Scarjo’s in it too although her scene was a very short one. She was that reptilian who turned out to be female after all and not a male like we used to know from the original animated film.

I pity those who said that the Jungle Book film was boring. I think these people didn’t really enjoy the original animated film or they’re just not that into Rudyard Kipling’s imaginary world. Jungle Book was not bad but some may not like the way it was translated onto the big screen, for whatever reasons. Nonetheless, my wife loved it. My son loved it. We all came home happy. ‘Nuff said.

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