Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stuff from yesteryear...

When I rummaged through the store room at my mom's place some time ago, my immediate focus was to grab hold of a storage bin that was used to store a jumbled up mix of toys and greeblies from my childhood. My brother used to own half of these but I can safely say that he had lost interest on toys sometime before the start of the new millenium after he got so distracted with other stuff like nu-metal and football (soccer for youse in the States). With that out of the way, I don't think he'd miss any of those items I might find in the legendary storage bin.

I remembered back then that I had asked a friend to come along and helped me sort out the storage bin. Being a classic toy enthusiast himself of course he agreed without hesitation. Regret to say that after pouring the contents of the bin out in the open, I still can't find the truckload of my favorite toys that I know were kept safely in a large plastic bag way back when I started to put my toys aside in favor of comic books (what exactly these toys were? I'll get to that in future postings).

What I did find were mostly random incomplete stuff but nevertheless they brought a smile to my face as I reminisce all those time spent playing vigourously with them whenever I could. You see, my late dad had several simple rules when it comes to playing with our toys and switching on our NES game console. One of them is to never do these things on school days/nights. While I managed to stay away from the NES (ooh the torture of waiting for the weekend to resume my Super Mario adventure!!), I could never take my hands off my action figures. I really love my action figures hence the battered condition that they are in now.

Anyhoo, I had this idea of posting some pictures of the decent stuff I managed to find from the pile. When I say decent it means that they are in an acceptable condition to be sold to most. There are some incomplete pieces too so let's see if you're familiar with those. Yes, I am planning to sell some of these and maybe keep some (I'm still sour for not being able to locate that fabled plastic bag with all that favorite stuff of mine from the 80s!).

Let us start with several. These were cleaned up and posted before in this blog some time back (reposted here again to kickstart this post). In fact, one of 'em has actually found a new owner some months ago. It's always good to look at vintage stuff and recall the good old days eh?

Classic Toybiz X-Men action figures (I'm pretty sure there were more e.g. Iceman and Magneto, but those are still MIA). These are up for sale through my buddy's stall during our usual flea market on weekends as I prefer Marvel Legends these days.

Thanks to my toy buddy's extensive knowledge on Transformers, I found out that this is in fact a G2 Slag. Pretty cool eh? He transforms well too. This one has gone to a better home already (bought by a disbelieving vintage Transformers collector some time back).

Here's something that is a 'sure fire' for me to keep. A vintage 1977-made Chewbacca action figure that has somehow survive all those years of rough playing when so many of his vintage SW comrades have gone missing.

Ok, those are the 'decent' ones so how about the incomplete ones? Let's take a look....

Errr well....not really organized (still) at this point of time, but you get the drift. Anyway, at one glance, how many of these stuff can you immediately recognize? 

I'd probably get into cleaning them and dissecting into what these parts used to be part of sometime real soon. Till then...

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