Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My thoughts on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice....

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*This post originally appeared in Batman Fans Malaysia Facebook page as a response to several backlash towards the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film. Reproduced here for the benefit of the readers of this blog =p)

This represents my view and I understand many others will have their own....and that's ok (freedom of speech everyone...ehm) 
*Bits of spoiler every now and then so if you haven't seen the flick turn back now...heheh*

Having said that, by no means I am saying that Dawn of Justice/Batman vs Superman (DoJ/BvS) is perfect let alone flawless. It has its weaknesses here and there. But I'm not gonna talk about that here. You can read those from the countless hate reviews on the net yourselves ....hahah.

Recently, I was pretty dumbfounded with a 'review' posted by a local Malaysian fan the other day (my wife showed me the 'mouthful' review posted on this particular person's FB account). This person mentioned that since a lot of 'hardcore DC' fans hated DoJ , therefore it IS bad, beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt. Such immature/amateurish deduction was further compounded when he proudly proclaimed that to qualify as a 'reviewer/commenter' of the new DoJ movie you must first be a DC action figure/toy/collectible collector (comic fans can also qualify but only second next to the 'collectors'). Unbelievable.

As a long time collector/comic fan myself, I have/will never post such ludicrous absurd provocation. Not everyone of us have the means to splash our money around to get those sweet collectibles onto our display shelves (people have this other thing called responsibility/life and I can relate to that). In fact, one need not be a collector or a comic fan at all to entitle them to churn out views of the DoJ movie, although it helps. Let's just leave it to that.

Anyway, back to the DoJ flick, I too agree that the movie starts off rather slow paced and can be draggy at times. It is however better than Man of Steel in so many aspects. I can understand Zack Snyder's effort to lay down the foundation for the upcoming JLA movie (love the future JLA members cameos!) and the obvious teasers for Darkseid and Bizarro(?!) during the Knightmare sequence. Bloody brilliant.

To call the movie sucky or terrible depends on one's point of view me thinks. As I've said before, Snyder is doing a great job in building up the story arc for JLA although the movie does feel like rushing up things and draggy at times. But I suppose DC will make it up by giving us solo movies like the upcoming Wonder Woman movie next year and eventually for the rest of the JLA members (hopefully) to explore every each of their individual lives, if that's your cup of tea.

If there's any positive you can draw from DoJ, it's definitely the fact that Zack Snyder is a true-blue comic book geek and we know he has tried his utter best to incorporate as much source material i.e. from Frank Miller's TDK Returns and Dan Jurgens/Jerry Ordway's Death of Superman graphic novel/TPB into DoJ. I love his interpretation of the Watchmen flick and I believed he has poured his heart out for DoJ too. It could have been MUCH MUCH worse had DC given the job to a 'non-fan' ...*ehm...Michael Bay/Transformers movies....ehm*

Speaking about Frank Miller's TDK Returns, I think Ben Affleck has done a kick a** job in his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I totally dig his performance as he nailed how Frank Miller had envisioned Bruce/Batman should look/act/feel/be like in his award winning TDKR graphic novel. All is forgiven Ben, we shall not haunt you anymore for your Daredevil fiasco....LOL. Best on screen Batman after Michael Keaton (sorry Bale fans, Batbale has his moments, but he is nowhere near this sublime Miller-esque Batfleck performance....me likey! And that Batsuit....is to die for!)

Cavill does a good job as Supes. Different than Reeve ever was but he gets the job done. Amy Adams however is a great Lois Lane and she blows the previous Lois from Superman Returns out of the water.....hands down.

How about Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot you ask? I need not say much on this except for....GREAT!

I'm however a bit gutted that there were no glimpse of J'onn J'onzz nor Hal Jordan anywhere during the cameo scenes. Damn.

Lex Luthor was creepy but he's turning out to be that annoyingly evil villain we all knew from the comic pages. It's interesting to see how Lex will evolve in the next movie.

Lastly, something for the critics to ponder... as of late March, DoJ has already surpassed the half-billion dollar global ticket collection mark. So how about that....negative Rotten Tomatoes review ain't got nothin' on DoJ!

That is all folks. Feel free to comment. 

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Dimas said...

nice review for a true fan