Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quick review on X-Men: Apocalypse….

Let’s be honest here.  A lot of people got really pissed off with how Fox totally messed up the timeline of the X-Men events. I, for one, was rather irritated on how the years haven’t really aged the characters (come on, did you see how the likes of Havok or Magneto never really wrinkled despite having transitioned from the mid-60s to the 80s?). Don’t even get me started on Jean Grey and how confused I am with Wolverine’s timeline at this point of time!

I have a solution for this predicament of ours (yeah, I know…1st world problem). Let’s just treat these X-Men films by FOX as stand-alone films shall we? They’re just a big mess if you start watching right from the first X-Men movie right up till ‘Apocalypse but on their own, they’re just stellar! This is where I’d stop criticizing the movie and I’ll move on to the positives….

The good? Well, for a start, let’s just say that as a comic fan I was super stoked to know that one of the greatest comic storyline finally hit the big screen. Not exactly as I remembered it to be but that’s the whole point now, isn’t it? Would we watch something that we already know about from the comic pages? Maybe for some but it’ll be rather predictable for most of us which will ultimately hamper down ticket sales for FOX.

Well, here are some quickies from yours truly:

  • A rather pleasant surprise was when a Metallica tune was used during the scene with Angel/Archangel. A favorite of mine at that!
  • We finally have an on-screen Apocalypse. How cool is that? Although I’ve seen a better version of the character done by a cosplayer recently. Yup, that’s right….a freakin’ cosplayer.
  • Finally, an X-Men movie that can excel without Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (wait, haven’t we gotten that already with X-Men: First Class?)
  • That freakin’ DANGER ROOM! Who doesn’t love the Danger Room? With the return of the Sentinels at that too…
  • Mystique as the un-official leader of the X-Men? I don’t really see this working in the long run. Perhaps just a ploy by FOX to cash in on Jen Lawrence’s popularity maybe?
  •  Cyclops here is better than the one in the original trilogy (sorry James Marsden!
  • Moira MacTaggert’s appearance means that….we’re gonna see Proteus/Mutant X anytime soon on-screen. Right??! Doncha’ just love the comic continuity?
  • Essex Corp….equals MR SINISTER! Nuff said.

I    I’m rather excited to see how and where FOX takes the X-Men next. But it’ll be super cool of them to stick to the timeline and be consistent the next time they produce an X-Men movie. That wouldn’t hurt too now ain’t it?

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