Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Geeks Gone Otaku! - Tokyo Trip 2016

Recently the family and I went up to Tokyo, Japan for a holiday. Inevitably everybody knew what that would mean for a family full of geeks. Yes, Tokyo is the ultimate geek haven or the plenitude of ‘otaku’ culture. Otaku is simply a term used by the local Japanese to describe someone who is overly obsessive with any particular anime or manga character(s) but somehow the term has now been loosely used to describe those with deep interests in other branches of geekery elements. For yours truly, that encompasses my profound fascination with the worlds of Star Wars, Marvel/DC comics and other American pop-culture goodness.

Being the OCD travelers that we were, we actually charted the places that we wanna visit in Tokyo on our google map. Although we were planning to also do ‘non-geeky’ stuff in Tokyo i.e. visiting ninja shrines, eating godly sushi dishes at the famous Tsukiji market and the whole lot, we’ve also done research on the must visit geek places in Tokyo weeks before we boarded the plane. Frankly, we did not exactly know what to expect and whether we’d manage to visit all those places we’ve listed down but by the end of the trip, I think we’ve managed to get more than what we’ve bargained for!

I understand that I may get carried away while I talk about these places therefore I’m gonna break my reviews into several parts. Please do note that I may not have visited all of the geeky places that some of you might be familiar with in Tokyo but I can assure you that I have visited most of the important ones. As a teaser, these were the places which we’ve visited and along with it I’d also share some mouth-watering pictures to whet everybody’s insatiable geeky appetite:

1)        Star Case @ Koenji, Suginami
2)        Nakano Broadway @ Nakano
3)        Tokyu Hands @ Shibuya & Shinjuku
4)        Kiddyland @ Harajuku
5)        Blister Comics @ Akihabara
6)        Star Tours, Tokyo Disney @ Maihama, Urayasu
7)        TRU Aqua City @ Odaiba
8)        Diver City @ Odaiba
9)        Village Vanguard @ Odaiba
10)        Yamashiroya @ Ueno
11)        Kotobukiya @ Akihabara

Aaaand….we were gonna do all these using the super-efficient train services. Seriously, nobody really needs to drive or take the cab over here in Tokyo. Just take a look at the web of train lines! After a while you’d get the hang of it but make sure you prep yourselves to brave through the mad rush hour crowd if you’re planning to travel during the peak hours.

Stay tuned for Part 1 of my Tokyo Toy Travelogue…..

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