Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Geeks read too ya’ know!

Honest to God I can’t even remember how long ago did I last talk about printed materials here on The Rebel Page. The family and I hit a local book fair the other day and we obviously didn’t come back empty-handed. I think sometime back I made myself a promise that I would also talk about books and stuff apart from the usual toy rants…you know, just to balance stuff and not to talk ONLY on toys! (Haha…yea right).
Anyway, the real reason for me wanting to share my spoils of war this time around was that I got these excellent pop culture materials at astounding prices. And when I say ‘astounding’ it means that I do not think that they will go down any lower than they already are. These were brand new still inside its plastic wrapping dirt-cheap books ladies and gentlemen… and I just love great deals!

2 bucks for this #captainhaddock book? Why not eh? I'm a bit of a #tintin fan myself.... #egmont #egmontbooks #herge #lesadventuresdetintin

Tintin character series : Captain Haddock – I’m sure there are more from where this came from. From what I’ve discovered, Egmont (that’s the publishing house that did those Tintin books) published a whole lot of these ‘character-focused’ books but somehow only Haddock’s appeared at this particular book fair. Nevertheless for a mere 2 American bucks no one can really give this a miss now could we? I love Tintin and this was an instant addition into my Tintin library.

Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide - Episode 1 to 20
Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide - Episode 1 to 20

Simpson’s World: The Ultimate Episode Guide Season 1 – 20 – This is a massive and heavy hardcover book that even has its own protective slipcase. Now how about that for a very regal-looking coffee-table book? Let’s not start about all the wonderful Matt Groening art and the endless info/trivia within. Weighing in at 4kg (or 8.8lbs), this must not be confused as a blunt weapon of destruction. I think currently The Simpsons is on their 28th season so far. Fans who want to know more about their earlier seasons up till 20 shouldn’t give this a miss. This beauty of a book originally came out in 2010 at a staggering retail price of USD150 (or 95 pounds in the UK) but I’m happy to have snagged it for just 20 bucks.

DK Spiderman Chronicles

DK Books Spiderman Chronicle: Celebrating 50 years of Webslinging – Another heavy book (although not as ‘killer’ as the Simpsons’ above) to have entered my pop-culture library this week is the excellent ‘anthology’ hardcover book on our favorite Spider dude. Comes in with its own slipcase and weighing in at 2.5 kg (or 5.5 lbs), this book shows us Spidey’s origin, his villains and whole lot of other stuff right from his very beginning in Amazing Fantasy #15. I gave up 15 bucks of my hard-earned money to bring this home with me. This was a steal considering that it has only just been released a couple of years back at 35 bucks.

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