Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Quick review on TMNT: Out of the Shadows….

Before any of you starts to spill your inner most disgust towards Michael Bay’s handling of the Transformers franchise, let me tell you this… I think that his version of TMNT did hit some right notes among hardcore fans of the franchise. The first movie was kinda *ok/meh/so-so* but still I enjoyed it to a certain extent. Out of the Shadows (OOTS) however did invoke some childhood memories which would make even the most hardcore fan of the original cartoon series weep with joy. Even though Michael Bay no longer helms the director seat (David Green now does), you can’t help but notice that his influence still lingered on throughout the movie.

I’m way past complaining how the new Bay-Turtles now look. I guess in the real world, the character design from the classic cartoon series just doesn’t work. Just like how Michael Bay rationalized how the red blocky Peterbilt truck design won’t work for the on-screen Optimus Prime. The new character designs are starting to build on me and I love how they differ in sizes to denote the age gaps between the four brothers.

There are still many elements lifted from the new Nickelodeon TMNT series but fans of the original 80s cartoon series may still jump for joy for there were many nods and cues taken off the classic TV series. More on that later. Let me just start with the obvious ones. Both Baxter Stockman and Casey Jones were clearly from the new Nick TMNT series but I wasn’t too concerned on them. My son was disappointed that Casey spent just minutes in his supposedly signature hockey mask for the entire movie. The little guy loved the original 1990 TMNT motion picture so he was a bit gutted that the new Casey Jones weren’t as crude as the one played by Elias Koteas.

My favorite character from Bay’s Turtles flicks is STILL Vernon Fenwick by the excellent Will Arnett. His performance as the ‘Falcon’ (that packing of the Falcon breath scene is darn hilarious!) totally did it for me! In the 80s cartoon series, Vern was a reluctant ally of the Turtles and it’s good to see that they maintained his character yet developed him into someone more narcissistic in the new movies.

Master Splinter is back to mentor the Turtles; April O’Neill continued her exploits as the nosey reporter for Channel 6; Shredder is also back to exact his revenge…. so I guess everyone’s accounted for…right? Well, actually no. OOTS introduced three fan favorite characters from the classic 80s series and that fact alone shall make many fanboy squeal in delight. Frankly I was super hyped up to see how Rocksteady, Bebop and Krang (dang it! It’s KRANGGGG finally!!) turned out on the big screen and I can tell you they didn’t disappoint.

Both Rock and Beebs turned out great even though you just know that it’s the CGI doin’ most of the work. Krang however was the best of them all. I am really glad that they went with the classic character design & back story instead of Nickelodeon’s. And that Technodrome…..I was lost for words. The last act of the film just screamed ‘80s goodness’ to me.

Well, I can understand that many of you may have different opinion about OOTS but to each his own eh? I personally like the movie so much so I am willing to cast aside my doubts and prejudice towards Michael Bay’s direction for the new Turtles. ‘Nuff said.

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