Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My thoughts on the new Ghostbusters film....

Despite the many pre-criticisms I've heard from the many sexists/male chauvinists, my family and I were determined nonetheless to watch the new Ghostbusters flick.

And so we did. Good news....the movie didn't suck at all. All those arguments about the new movie destroying your childhood memories on the original films were baseless after all. To those concerned, SHAME on you to depend on Rotten Tomatoes or some other biased reviews before you even see the new film.

There were cameos from the old cast members (barring Rick Moranis who had long since retired from making movies and Harold Ramis for a very obvious reason, although there was that nice tribute to him at the very end of the film) throughout the film but I won't tell who's playing what here because that would just mean that I'd be a jerk and spoil things for those who still haven't caught the film yet at this point.

There were also numerous throwbacks to the original films in the dialogues and these should keep fans of the original films happy enough. Sure, there were similar elements from the original films but I kinda like how Paul Feig/Dan Aykroyd gave those new twists (that's the director and the executive producer respectively for the uninitiated).  Similar to the barrage of criticisms poured on The Force Awakens, there are bound to be a certain faction of fans that are gonna cry foul on how 'recycled plots' are used throughout the new GB flick. 

Face it boo boys, the all-female cast were funny as heck (also alumni of Saturday Night Live similar like the original '84 cast) and the fact that the new film is executive-produced by Dan Aykroyd tells you that the original GB team gave their thumbs up to this reboot film. Oh and did I tell you that the late Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman also had a hand in the drafting of the script and plots?

It means that the haters are just a small niche of people who just can't accept that they aren't gonna see the classic Venkman-Stantz-Spengler-Zeddmore lineup doing their 'thang' on-screen anymore. While that is technically impossible now that Ramis is no longer with us, I applaud Aykroyd and co for taking the franchise into a new direction. My family and I had no real complaints about the new film except for a few nitpicks which we deemed to be too trivial to talk about anyway.

We got goosebumps when Ray Parker's theme song first played at the very beginning of the film. It brings us back.

Now here are some of my quick observations on Ghostbusters 2016:

1) I like Holtzmann the best. She's kinda like a modern Egon Spengler albeit a crazier personae. And those gadgets.....wow. just wow.
2) Chris Hemsworth character made Janine Melnitz look like a professional.
3) Wonderful use of 3D effects. They didn't look too over-CGIed and out of place.
4) The chemistry between the main cast are absolutely wonderful. 
5) There are no connection whatsoever between the film and the original films despite cameos from the original cast members.
6) Slimer is a total bad-a** and a rebel rouser in this new movie.
7) DO STAY TILL THE VERY END aka for the post-credit scene. My family and I were the ones left in the cinema as we waited fot the end-scene. Let me tell you that it's worth the wait. It's something that'll make even the original diehard fans scream in delight. The post-credit scene tells us exactly what's exepecting the GB gals in the sequel.

Kudos Dan Aykroyd and team. Thumbs down for the haters.

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