Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, August 8, 2016

My quick thoughts on the Suicide Squad film…(may be spoilers, so beware!)

Ok, just to kick off things, let me just say that for those of you who loathed the Suicide Squad movie by just reading Rotten Tomatoes’ review or by those people who have nothing to say but negative things about it, I strongly suggest you to watch the movie first before you pass any similar comments. 

Face it, if you still have the same opinion AFTER you watch it, it’s highly probable that you had that mountainous expectations that the movie would at least match the previous DC flicks from Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan. Well, it didn’t. Suicide Squad wasn’t exponentially great but it was one heckuva’ fun popcorn movie to watch. 

So much potential i.e. the characters’ backstory needed to be explored further and more subplots are needed to clarify certain things etc. but in my opinion, Suicide Squad is by far the BEST modern DC movie to date. It was entertaining (not Marvel-type entertaining but it’s pretty close) and much more engaging than the recent DC movies as of date. 

Personally, I think Zack Snyder tried too hard to maintain the grittiness of Nolan’s Bat-bale trilogy style that he forgot how to make movies fun for the audience. I love Dawn of Justice (maybe because of Batfleck) but on a comparison basis I’d say ‘Squad was a better film overall for me. Your mileage may vary. 

I find it funny/ironic too that there were no real threats to the world until a ‘proposed’ member of ‘Task Force X’ went rogue and became the villain herself (ooops, did I say ‘herself’? Hope I didn’t give anything away…haha). 

I think Will Smith and Margot Robbie absolutely stole the show for obvious reasons. Jared Leto wasn’t that bad as The Joker. I wish people would stop comparing him with Heath Ledger because their interpretations on The Joker were different. Ledger’s Joker was a total psychotic dude (as my wife like to say it) while Leto tried to bring the comic version of the clown prince to life in Suicide Squad. I love that split second screen time of Harley Quinn dancing in her jester suit with The Joker. That was a definite nod to comic book painter-artist Alex Ross. 

The post-credit scenes didn't do much for me. We all know what's coming next already by watching Dawn of Justice.

Overall, it was a very fun movie (notice that I’ve used the word ‘fun’ several times now) and those who say that Marvel movies are way too ‘colorful’ or too ‘happy’ must realize by now that they were generally more accepted by movie fans and Suicide Squad is just starting to do just that. 

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