Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How was your Force Friday?

I have been going to Hasbro's midnight launch for as long as I can remember. Well, the Attack of the Clones product launch in 2002 was the actual turning point for me having missed The Phantom Menace event back in '99 (if indeed there was any Force Friday event back then).

Anyway, I decided to skip the Rogue One launch at TRU on Force Friday because I wasn't really in the mood to go through the madness. I chose sleep over long hours of being in a queue to get my fix on the latest Star Wars merchandise.

I have always maintained that Star Wars products are over priced here in Malaysia as of late (ONE bloody 6" The Black Series action figure is USD35 equivalent here in Malaysia.....unbelievable). What's your response on this dear Hasbro Malaysia?

I woke up the morning after and immediately contacted an independent on-line seller which I've dealt several times with before. Trying my luck, I asked if he has the new Rogue One action figures in hand.....and the answer was a solid yes!

In the end, everything worked out fine for me. My decision to get a good night's rest paid off handsomely and to cap a wonderful morning I got all of the stuff that you see in the picture above at about 33% off the retail prices slapped by Hasbro Malaysia. You can keep the StarCard points to yourself too dear TRU.

Could this be the end of me buying Star Wars action figures at retail?

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