Reality check…

Last time I was here, I was already questioning the relevancy of still having a blog when there are countless other social media platforms that are deemed more active. I am however, guilty of neglecting my blog which I have religiously cared for since its inception in 2008. My last posting here at The Rebel Page was sometime in February ’17. A good 6 months ago.

So what’s up with The Rebel you may ask?

A lot of things had happened since obviously. Since this blog was set up to talk mainly about geeky stuff I’ll try to talk about the subject matter (or things related to it) and not veer off from it (that much!).

Ok. Here’s what I can say about myself after a long hiatus from this ol’ blog of mine:

1)      I no longer have the time to do long reviews and extensive photo shoots for my action figures/toys – The collecting/toy review days of yore is behind me now as I usually prefer one or two or a few ‘definitive’ action figure shots rather than a whole bunch of pictures from every known photographic angle known to mankind. I’ve decided to stop doing ‘product shots’ and go for the killer shots that’ll define the toy and bring it to life through dynamic poses and stuff. Gone are also the long-winded talky reviews that I used to do for each action figure that enters my collection. Not because I lost interest to do so but because I can’t seem to find the time to do so these days. These days I usually give a one-paragraph review if any at all.

2)      I’m more active on Instagram than on the blog-o-sphere – Really. If you’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years or so then I believe you’ve heard of this platform called Instagram or IG as the popular masses call it. I find that I’ve amassed more followers there much faster than I ever did on my blog within a few short months of signing up. Not ain’t that a no brainer since my intention was always to reach out to as many other geeks out there in the cyber world in the shortest time possible? If any of you still check out my blog then I‘d like to invite you to head over to IG and search for rebel_toys_and_stuff to follow my account over there.

3)      I’ve really really tried to steer clear from those darn one sixth action figures – Seriously, with the prices of 1/6th scale action figures on the rise, one cannot possibly fathom the possibility of maintaining to purchase one (let alone many/several) of these highly detailed collectibles for one’s collection. But old habit dies hard or so they say. That is why the Mr Optimistic in me said that it’s probably safe to say that I’ll only get ONE 1/6th scale action figure per year because just like a bad flu, the urge is never gonna go away. So far I’ve only snagged the Hot Toys Batman figure from BVS but you never know as the year is still half way through and the evil geek in me is constantly screaming for me to get more! *must….resist!*

4)      I geek out whenever I see anything that has the word ‘Star Wars’ imprinted on them – It used to be strictly ‘action figures’ only. I even chucked a whole bunch of random Star Wars related items into a storage container because they had no place on my display shelves. But these days I seemed to have found a newfound interest in them. Cereal freebies, notebooks, small knick knackery, keychains, whatever….as long as they have that wordings with that iconic font on them, they’ll go on my display shelves whenever space permits.

5)      I made more geeky friends over the cyber world – Naturally when you’re active over social media you tend to attract the same kind of crowd, more so often through IG and FB. I love hearing the different opinion and views on action figures and collectibles from all walks of collectors. Some may have a totally different take altogether and can give you that angle which you may have missed. It’s fun to be talking to collector folks from all over the world and to think that a common interest unites us all regardless of ethnicity and physical appearances.

6)      I may be embarking on a new career in life – Ok. I did say that I’ll be talking mainly about geeky stuff but hear me out here. My new found ‘career’ may allow me to be very very flexible and spend a huge chunk of my day at home on my laptop/tablet rather than at a desk in office. I am of course a full time corporate slave for the moment so definitely this prospect of spending time working at home (in my man cave perhaps?) is both exhilarating and exciting to this pop culture geek. Do pray for me as I inch closer and closer to my dream of earning my living from inside my own man cave!

7)       The Rebel Page may be my channel to rant about….anything – I have been giving this a serious thought while I was away overseas for work last month. Something reminded me of my semi-defunct blog while I was in that foreign land. It reminded me about the very basic reason why The Rebel Page was set up in the first place. You see, when I first sign up for this blog page I made a pledge to talk and review the toys that I’ve bought but naturally that intention did not really stay on track due to so many factors i.e. laziness, lack of free time, ok….mostly laziness! I would love to still be able to pour out my views on stuff although it may not be solely on toys or collectibles exclusively. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. For now my immediate focus would be to get this page up and running again with constant writings every now and then.

Hmm, what do you think? Not bad for a comeback post after half-a-year huh? Haha…
I’ll probably get some posts out in the next couple of days, ya  know…..just to kick start things again. Till then fellow Rebels!

The Rebel

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