SDCC 2017's Star Wars The Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn

SDCC 2017 Grand Admiral Thrawn

Getting my hands on SDCC exclusives were mere dreams for me in the past as I ogled through endless pictures on social media posted by those lucky enough to attend the geek event held in San Diego. I've been quite the lucky one for the past few years as I had the chance to be inducted into a 'secret' collector society on FB where members will get the chance to get our grubby mitts on SDCC stuff as soon as the event wrapped up.

I'm especially happy this year to get the Grand Admiral Thrawn deluxe set despite the ridiculous price point. Factor in the shipping cost (which was low by the way as my regular toy-pusher buddy bough these in bulk) and ya get yourself a premium price point. One can't really complain since this was only available via SDCC or was it also available temporarily on Hasbro's online website in the States? Whatever. It's here now in my hands.


Love the huge packaging!

There is also a bio of Thrawn at the back of the packaging but I rather not show that here as I actually prefer his backstory from Timothy Zahn's Thrawn's Trilogy books.


Thrawn comes with an array of museum worthy collectibles. I was told that this was how he was portrayed in the Star Wars Rebels TV show, a collector of stuff. He even has Commander Gree's helmet (hopefully not with the severed head/skull inside!) and Indiana Jones' chalice (?!) in his collection. Not sure what Hasbro is trying to achieve here. Indiana Jones and Star Wars exist in the same universe? Well, there was that Darkhorse comic where Han and Chewie went to earth due to some unexpected event and found themselves during Indiana Jones' timeline in the 1930s. Anything's possible these days I guess. Disney better have some good explanation for this.

SDCC 2017 Grand Admiral Thrawn

I'm not really sure if Thrawn is goin to be re-released in normal format i.e. The Black Series normal wave release but I was never going to take the risk. He is coming home with me to be displayed on my Star Wars display shelf in my man cave. That's that!

SDCC 2017 Grand Admiral Thrawn

Will we see a Noghri to go with our favorite blue Admiral? I doubt that's gonna happen anytime soon because Disney has plans to not follow any more details from Zahn's books. That's no Noghri figure in the picture above. Maybe someone can correctly guess what the figure is/which line does he belong to?

The Rebel

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