New Chucky movie comin' right up!

In case you haven't heard, the new Child's Play movie is coming right up at the cinemas in a few days time and I think most parts of the world will get to see it on the 21st of June. Unless you live in some faraway land you might see a later release.

So what's up with yet ANOTHER Chucky movie? Well, for a start, this ain't your standard serial killer possessed doll anymore. The classic Chucky was actually serial killer Charles Lee Ray's soul in transit and he spent the rest of the movies in the classic series of Child's Play movies trying to possess other human beings aka he needs a new host. The main character was Andy whom if you recall was the unfortunate recipient of the possessed Good Guys doll via an unsanctioned purchase by his mother from some hobo at the time. Andy continues to be the subject of Chucky's obsession throughout the franchise save for the one movie where Chucky was confined in some asylum.

Which brings me to the next change. The Good Guys doll line is now known as the Buddi Doll line, but thankfully they maintained Chucky and not something else for his name. And the great Mark Hamill is the voice of Chucky this time around, taking over from Brad Dourif from the classic movies. If this doesn't bring over a chunk of Star Wars/Batman The Animated Series fans to the cinemas in droves then nothing can!

Initially everyone thought that this Child's Play film was gonna be a reboot and it kind of is really. But the producers of the movie made a big change to Chucky himself. He is no longer a possessed doll but he is now an interactive doll who went malfunctioned and conveniently his inner killer-instinct was activated. The poor kid in the new movie is still Andy so there's your sense of continuity if you're still thinking that the change from Good Guys to Buddi Doll killed your childhood!

My son is really into Chucky movies and rest assured he'll be wanting to watch the new movie the soonest it hits the cinemas. Here's hoping that the movie will do well and fits in right into the legendary classic Chucky movies lineup.

Here's the official trailers for you to scrutinize over again. Trailer #1 came out some time ago earlier in the year but I'd recommend you to watch Trailer #2 because it's just an extension/longer version of the first trailer anyway.

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