Toxic fans, please keep to yourselves!

Whenever a new superhero movie is announced, there will be disgruntled butthurt fans who'd spend a huge chunk of their lives condemning the choice of actors meant for those movies. The new Todd Phillips' Joker movie was no exception. As most of you would have probably read before, the decision to get Joaquin Phoenix to fill in as the main protagonist wasn't really been accepted well by some quarters of hardcore fans.

I need not remind everyone that Heath Ledger too didn't exactly get a positive response when DC announced him as the Joker opposite Christian Bale in The Dark Knight but he turned out to be more than stellar in the role. While some fans didn't like Bale's thuggish portrayal of Batman, everybody was in unison about how Ledger totally nailing the reptile-like Joker's role.

Way back in the late 80s, a certain Mr Mom/Beetlejuice actor too was criticized by some fans for not being 'their' perfect actor for the first ever live-action Batman movie (other than the made-for-TV Adam West Bat-movie of course). That 1989 film became a fan favorite and the lead actor received heaps of praise for his brilliant portrayal of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Still is the best Batman movie for most Bat-fans till today.

Ben Affleck too was instantly criticized for his appointment as Bruce Wayne/The Bat but he turned out to be an almost perfect embodiment of the character(s) as per Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel.

I totally hope that Edward Cullen's transition into the Bat from a vampire will be a success too. I seriously hope he'll do well in the role. Rob Pattinson is an actor and no matter how 'weak' his role in the Twilight Saga was, he deserves another chance to prove himself on the big screen. After all, he was just merely following the director's role in those vampire flicks and that alone shouldn't be the yardstick to measure just how sucky (pun intended) he'd be in the upcoming Matt Reeves' Bat flick.

So am I just blabbing about how some Batman 'fans' get offended about things that don't go their way? No, of course not. Remember how the new Star Wars trilogy films  especially The Last Jedi were condemned to death up to the point where certain fans signed petitions to get Disney to de-canonise the film altogether?

Come on, let's not be too serious about these things. Why can't we just enjoy the ride? If the studios hired these directors, then they're the best people to do the job and that the scripts had most probably gone through many levels of top level filtering before they get approved. So are we telling these film companies that some fans can actually do better jobs? 

Butthurt fans or toxic fans, call 'em whatever you want, these guys should really learn to keep their opinion to themselves. Such negativity from individuals who rant about stuff that didn't go their way. Sure, everybody deserves their own opinion but shouting out loud on social media on how things SHOULD go the way they wanted is just drawing a fine thin line between being opinionated and ridiculous. 
Just today I read about some toxic fan who vented his frustration (which is okay) and telling Todd Phillips aka the director of the upcoming solo Joker movie how Phillips had messed up the movie by not following the Joker's 'comic book story line'.....even told the director off for not staying true to the comic book story arc (not okay!). 

I bet you that this same fan is gonna complain anyway if Phillips had lifted the Clown Prince of Crime's origins straight from the pages of DC comic book pages. There's no pleasing these fans. So why bother, right?

Here's that very 'colorful' twitter rant for everyone to mull over........

The director was smoother than ice when he responded to the twitter rant above by saying..."Yeah, you might want to skip this one" about that? LOL.

I better stop here before I say things I might regret later... hahah.

Have a nice day everyone. 

The Rebel

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