Chief Hopper is Alexei!

Yea, pretty 'strange' of me not posting my afterthoughts of Season 3 of Stranger Things yet (it's about 80% done at this point I swear!) but I just gotta share this piece of info to which I believe many 'Stranger fans are aware of anyway by now.

Remember how Chief Hopper despised 'Smirnoff' in Season 3? And later how he found out that his name was actually Alexei? Alexei turned out to be the unsung hero of Season 3, being a favorite to Murray Bauman and all despite Hopper being all uber-suspicious towards him most of the time.

Well, fate has a really mysterious way of being funny when David Harbour, the actor who played Chief Jim Hopper was cast as The Red Guardian in the upcoming Marvel Studio's Black Widow solo movie. You see, in the comics Red Guardian's real name is Alexei Shostakov.

So that means Chief Hopper is Alexei.......(that sounds much better/hilarious than David Harbour is Alexei to me). What are the odds of that?

The Red Guardian can be best described as mother Russia's answer to Captain America so it'll be interesting to see Harbour getting into the role, Russian accent and all. Bring on the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie I say!

Pic credit: From some online fb forum which by now honest-to-God I can't remember which one

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