Masters of The Universe: Revelation on NETFLIX

Heads up Masters of The Universe Classic (MOTUC) fans...or He-Man fans (which ever that rocks your boat) get ready for a new MOTUC series called MOTU: Revelation that's coming your way thru Netflix soon! How soon? I don't know. But from what we've heard through the PowerCon announcement, more updates are coming our way soon so wait for those! And yeah, the very uber-geek Silent Bob...err...Kevin Smith is gonna spearhead the project so this is gonna be something!

Word is that the new series is gonna pick up right here the original series left off back in the 80s.

Those who are familiar with Netflix's She-Ra animated series may notice that the teaser poster for the new MOTUC series has the word 'anime' in it thus signalling that we may get that 'She-Ra-esque' Japanese anime graphics too in the series. It may bother some but I'm just keen to know more about what happened to our heroes after the series ended abruptly in the 80s to make way for.....(you've guessed it).....the She-Ra original animated series.
During the recent PowerCon, Kevin Smith had this to say during the announcement of the new series:

"In Revelation, we pick up right where the classic era left off to tell an epic tale of what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor!"

Wow, just wow! So are we gonna get to see some sort of a final duel between the two? An epic clash between the two fan favorite thirty years in the making? There's also word that the series is gonna focus on Teela but I find it rather contradictory to what Kevin Smith had announced. How would they concentrate on Teela when the clash between He-Man and Skelly is the main focus of the limited series? Is one gonna overshadow the other? How would that work in terms of storytelling purposes. We'll soon find out.

Glad to see Kevin Smith back in action after his brush with heart attack some time ago. It's kinda weird to see him all thinned out but I guess the man has gone down the healthy road these days. Kudos to ya Kev!

Anyway, let's wait for more updates on the MOTU: Revelation soon. More of our queries will be answered then, I hope. Till then (all together now)...."I-HAVE-THE-POWERRRRRRRRR!"

The Rebel

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