My childhood is destroyed

I seriously can't recall the last time I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) on the tube. My last memory of them was that they are now properties of Nickelodeon and the last Nick TMNT series wasn't that bad to say the least. 

I guess a new TMNT series is currently airing over on Nickelodeon and I only got to know about it when I saw the new toys at TRU the other day. Upon seeing the new toys I instinctively scurried over to the vehicles section because I desperately want to see a worthy iteration of the Party Wagon which in my opinion, never bettered since the one we've seen in the 80s cartoon. As I've predicted, it wasn't called Party Wagon after all but I can't recall its name. The huge play set was kinda cool too.

So all is well with the new TMNT cartoon right?

I take it in good faith that it is so......until I saw this. Come on, turning every single characters into teenagers, I can take. Making the baddies look ridiculously cartoonish rather than menacing, I can also take. But when you change Master Splinter from the mysteriously lean and rugged old ninja master to a Colonel Sanders look-a-like, this I can't seriously fathom.

But who knows, the cartoon might be really good, right? Has anybody seen it? Would love to hear some reviews on it (yeah, I know.....too lazy to google about it).

The Rebel

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