(Not so) new Thundercats 7" action figure pre-orders from Super 7!

You know how bitter I got when Matty Collector prematurely ended their 7" Thundercats action figures line. In fact, I've ranted about this some days ago (you can read about it HERE). As expected, right after PowerCon 2019, we finally got the reveal that every 'Cats collectors have been asking for.
Yup, Super 7 has finally opened the pre-orders for four (4) 7" Thundercats action figures. For those who've already acquired them from the short-lived Matty Collector wave, you might want to skip the upcoming Wave 1 altogether because they're just repeats of Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman and Sorcerer Mumm-Ra. The only thing that probably tempt you is the inclusion of extra accessories and heads for each of the characters.

Even yours truly is mighty tempted right now! Nice move Super 7

Whatever it is, I might jump in from Wave 2 onward. Rumors have it that core members Cheetara and Tigra will be in the next wave as well as Jaga.

It'll be really great if at any one point Super 7 offer us a chance to get the Thundertank or dare I say it....Cat's Lair! It'll probably cost us our kidneys but let's wait for any future announcements from them.

This'll be great for those who missed out on Matty Collector's doomed and only Thundercats wave. The question is, will Super 7 also offer us Pumyra and the ThunderKittens as well?

The Rebel

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