Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer #2

Trailer #2 for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker just dropped and it has created even more debates among fans especially on that scene where Rey wielded a double-bladed red lightsaber. Let's take a look at it again:

First of all I love the nod to the past movies, right from the Original Trilogy through the Prequels and even right up to The Last Jedi. Even with all the clues dropped in the two trailers one still can never tell how Emperor Palpatine's gonna come back in the movie.

Some are saying that scene where Rey has supposedly turned to the Dark side is just a dream sequence ala that Dagobah cave scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Another popular theory states that scene is just a moment where Palpatine (or some other sinister villain of the Force) tries to mess with Rey's mind by projecting images that portray her as a fallen Jedi.

Whatever it is, it still does not explain how Palpy's gonna make a comeback in Episode 9. Hopefully the 3rd (and final) trailer will shed some light into this although I doubt it that Disney's gonna spill anything at this point.

Another talking point among fans is that scene showing C3-P0 with red eyes. Did he turn evil or something? Possessed? Or simply malfunctioned?

Here's another interesting idea. Why don't we turn Artoo evil too? After all, he DOES have that red flashing light readily available in case he decides to switch allegiance.

Oh, is it wrong at this point to say that I'm actually more excited about the Mandalorian trailer more than Episode 9's?

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