AMC The Walking Dead Season 10 begins!

So what did you guys think about that AMC The Walking Dead Season 10 opener episode a couple of days ago? As usual, I didn't have much high expectations for the series anymore these days because I thought that the series peaked 4 or 5 seasons ago and it never really recaptured the magic that it once had. But somehow my interest towards the TV series had piqued right back up when Rick Grimes left the series when he went missing after that bridge explosion episode. I don't know, maybe I was really tired of seeing 'whiny Rick' and his departure breathed a fresh air to the show for me?

Anyway it was great to see the survivors of Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside finally coming together to sharpen their skills at the beginning of the episode. Obviously they were still haunted by the loss of their comrades at the tail end of Season 9 and Sidiq, the Alexandria medical dude seemed to be having some problems to forget the horrors of what the Whisperers inflicted on their dead pals.

It's depressing to see even the likes of Daryl being very cautious about the boundaries set upon by the Whisperers. I mean come on, this was the very same team that kicked the Governor's behind and later squashed Negan's troops back in the day....and those guys had real military firepower. So now they're cowering against mostly knife-wielding masked hooligans? That's some serious plothole going on right there, hello?

I was actually anxious to see how Negan fits back into supervisory role and he certainly is on his way back. Gabriel however didn't heed his advice and it'll be interesting to see next week how Negan will slap a huge 'I told you so' in his face. It was pretty predictable too to see how the guard at Alexandria still has a certain amount of respect towards Negan by calling him 'Sir'. This is perhaps a hint towards what's coming in the next couple of episodes. Yup, like most readers of Kirkman's comic books, I too have high hopes for Negan leading the survivors to march against the tyranny of the Whisperers' reign. 

The teaser trailer for Episode 2 is already showing how the focus of the next episode will be mostly on the Whisperers. I guess the showrunners are employing the same MO again and again i.e. that slow build up towards the big epic showdown between the good guys and the bad guys. My guess is that we'd only get to see Negan picking up leadership (and maybe Lucille too!) at the very end of the mid-season finale. Obviously fans will be all stressed out to wait until next February to actually see how Negan will lead the survivors into that highly anticipated showdown with the Whisperers.

On to Episode 2 next week!

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