My Triple Force Friday (sort of)

Let me just clear the air and say that I completely missed this year's Force Friday. Later I found out that there just wasn't any kind of 'Force Friday' events held by Hasbro in Malaysia unlike previous years. Looks like I didn't miss anything, right? Wrong! In the absence of any kind of Force Friday this year, Hasbro Malaysia opted for the lazy way out and just picked a few (deemed) large TRUs in town to receive the initial stock of the lastest Star Wars stuff. Of course them scalpers had a field day as usual and raided the said TRUs and left garbage for the rest of us to scavenge into.

By the way, this year's event was called 'TRIPLE Force Friday' to celebrate the release of merchandises from The Rise of Skywalker movie, The Mandalorian i.e. TV Disney Plus' TV series & the Jedi: Fallen Order video game. There was nothing much to celebrate for us Malaysian collectors because we only get what Hasbro dumps at TRU and the likes, which means there ain't no way we were gonna get the cool exclusive stuff piled by Hasbro under Walmart or Target. My nearest Walmart or Target would be thousands of miles away because there just ain't one here in my country. So thank you Hasbro for making it hard for international collectors to enjoy the same stuff as our friends in the States do.

Anyway, coming back to the stuff pictured above...

I actually had some important stuff to finish on the night before the supposed Triple Force Friday and therefore I completely forgotten about it. It was only the next morning I realised that for the first time in years, I had failed to remember about the one event that we Star Wars merchandise lovers look forward to every time a new movie comes out.

As fate intended it to be, my employer-friend (call him my 'boss' if you will) surprised me with the Star Wars stuff you now see in this posting, as a token of gratitude for making sure that the important 'stuff' was ready by early morning. Wow. Just wow! Definitely didn't expect that at all. Seemed that the dude was on his way to a nearby Starbucks in a mall near him that afternoon when he came across a bunch of Star Wars TVC (The Vintage Collection) action figures just hanging around on the 'What's New' shelf in a TRU. He knew that his 'employee' was a Star Wars nut and he immediately sent pictures to that lucky employee of his to ask if he needed any of the figures. The lucky employee of course answered 'Heck yeah!' and the rest was history.

Those were the exact TVC figures I would've picked up anyways had I attended the Force Friday event myself. And as a sweetener, he even picked up that Galaxy of Adventures' Kylo Ren for my son. Neat-o!

I could have used a Black Series Mandalorian action figure but understandably them scalpers cleaned the shelves clean way earlier in the morning so I am grateful for what I've received. 

So I guess life is unpredictable and what's intended to be yours WILL be yours in the end. Ain't life grand?

The Rebel

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