Episode 2 of The Mandalorian afterthoughts

I've given my thoughts on how non-US/Canada Star War fans feel right now about being able to watch the new Disney+ Mandalorian TV series in my last post. Despite so many shortcomings in subscribing to the new Disney streaming channel, many people exercised the creative part of their brains and looked for other means necessary to watch Jon Favreau's excellent new Star Wars TV series. I'd say it's more of a do or die situation here. If you're on other parts of the world (except for Australia & New Zealand coz they're gonna get Disney+ in about 3 days' time) you won't risk going through social media and be exposed to all sorts of spoilers about the new series.

Which led me to believe that most Star Wars fans have indeed seen The Mandalorian's pilot episode a couple of days ago. So now we're actually up to the second episode already and I think it's safe to write my afterthoughts about the episode here on my blog because chances are you're skipping this post already by now if you're looking to avoid all possible spoilers.
Consider yourselves warned then.
So after that epic pilot episode with that even more epic ending with that Yoda-esque child in the Mando's hands, Episode 2, aptly titled "The Child" sees our favorite Mando making his way back from the place where he found the infant and back to the Ugnaught called Kuiil before he leaves the planet.

This episode seems to be focusing a lot on those pesky evil-eyed Jawas as they stripped the Mando's ship, Razorcrest to pieces. For our hero to recoup his ship's stolen parts, he had to perform a 'simple' task for the Jawas. 

That 'reek' type character reminds me a whole lot of deal to that Geonosis Jedi battle scene in Attack of the Clones but the creature wasn't a reek (close enough though).

I love it that the Jawas negotiated with the Mando to get them what they want in exchange for the Razorcrest's parts. And that Sandcrawler chase scene was just so mindblowing to me because it has never been done before in any Star Wars medium of any kind. Nothing warms my heart better in this episode than the sight of Jawas being disintegrated by our Mando.

Were those Trandoshans who attacked the Mando? I've talked about this before too but I can't really tell even after I rewatched that particular scene. What do you think those were?

Baby Yoda's finally showed his (partial) Force ability and inevitably saved our heroes' live. I take it that we'll see more of his abilities in the coming episodes. There's a part in me that want to see Jedi appearing in the TV series now that we've wandered into the Force but that's probably not gonna happen since Favreau's mentioned that the focus would be on the bounty hunter instead of some distracting Jedi.

Episode 1 was about 40 minutes but episode 2 was just 30 minutes. Based on this pattern  (reduced by 1/4th of the runtime) I'd say episode 3 is gonna be just 22 and a half minute long but I seriously hope that would not be the case.

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