Original KISS members for farewell tour

Word is that both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley is open to having both original founding member Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to join KISS for their final (yeah, right....that's what they said in 2000) world tour which would end on July 17, 2021 in New York. The whole lot of them have been traditionally fighting each other ever since they parted ways in the late 70s and later in the early 2000s but recent goodwill between Gene, Paul and Ace might have just turned the tide. Ace has apparently been using Gene's backing band for his tour and the pair even wrote a couple of songs for Ace's recent Spaceman album.

So everyone's on good terms then? All's well for that final reunion?

Well, according to the band's manager and even Ace himself, it's gonna be quite a task to include Peter Criss, their original drummer, in the set up because of the dude's age. You see, not many drummer can really still pull it off past the age of 70 (well, unless you're Viola Smith and you're still rocking it past your hundredth birthday that is!) and that is a real concern for a hard rock band like KISS. The band already have Eric Singer who's been a rock at the drumming section for them since '91 and the guys just can't see how Criss can survive a grueling 2-hour show at his age. Ace Frehley however gave a suggestion that perhaps Criss can make an appearance towards the end of the show and sing Beth before drumming for songs like Black Diamond or so for the closing. Not a bad idea Ace.

So what's the tour schedule like then? Come on down to South East Asia guys, please, for the love of God! Of course I'd like you to come right down to my doorstep in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but Singapore would also do just fine! Can't wait to see the hottest band in the world live here in my neck of the woods,

The Rebel


Barbecue17 said...

I saw Kiss in concert a few years ago in Charlotte. They were incredible! I definitely wouldn't mind seeing them in concert again. Such a fun, feel-good concert!

Darth Daddy said...

That's great Barbecue17! I need to catch them live too before they really wrap it up for good.