Get ready for more Baby Yoda next year

These finally happened and no one's surprised really. People have been constantly calling for merchandise of the Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian TV series to happen. Ooops, it's officially called 'The Child' now, it's that simple of a name, just like Werner Herzog's character is simply called 'The Client'. I guess Disney's trying to keep thing simple because maybe they're targeting kids?

Whatever it is, The Child's been mesmerizing more than just kids and everyone's been asking for some sort of toy to commemorate the character. So now we're getting not just one, but three product of The Child but you gotta wait unil Quarter 1 of next year to actually get these into your laps. You get a choice of getting either the 11" plush toy from Mattel or one of the Funko offering, but if you're expecting a hard time to choose then getting all three would be the most logical choice of all.

It was a matter of time before these Baby Yoda (seriously I'd like to keep calling him that) toys make their way onto the pre-order train. Strike it while it's hot they say. The biggest surprise to me is how Mattel and Funko managed to beat Hasbro to it. Come on Hasbro, I need one for my Black Series Mando and one for the upcoming TVC Mando, although the latter would definitely be the size of a small peanut.

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