Hasbro's The Black Series Wedge Antilles action figure

When it comes to the Original Trilogy, I cannot not take a closer look whenever characters from the first three films made their way into the Black Series line. I like how Hasbro seems to diversify the range of action figures from all of the available Star Wars medium i.e. films, series and video games because Star Wars collectors are literally flooded with choices right now. 

But when I first heard that Hasbro's gonna give us a 6-inch scale Wedge Antilles, I just knew I gotta get him first from whatever figures he may come with in his wave. I first came across him a couple of weeks ago but at the time I figured that he's probably gonna show up in droves in the next few days at all leading retails stores, so I passed on him (stupid!). I was so wrong.

The next couple of days were disappointing to say the least because I always stumbled across the wave but always without ol' Wedge. And so things remained until my better half came across one for me over the weekend. For the record, I really wanted Wedge to join my collection more than any other figures, even more than any of the new film's characters. Oh yeah, have I told you before that I'm a sucka for anything Original Trilogy?

I don't know if I'm gonna open him up anytime soon but I like the head sculpt and how it really resembled the actor Dennis Lawson. Wedge looked kinda thin in the films and he's kinda chubby here, but to be fair we never saw much of the character off his X-Wing cockpit, except for that Return of the Jedi end scene. Overall, I think the head sculpt is probably 80-90% there, so there's not much to complain really.

We're living in an era where lately Hasbro has really proved that they're able to catch up with the head sculpts produced by 6-inch greats like Mafex or SH Figuarts. The face digital print technique employed by Hasbro has really taken the Black Series up a notch from where they previously were. With a relatively lower retail prices, the Black Series will soon be a better choice for collectors who constantly look for better head sculpts but Hasbro needs to buck up on their accessories offering and probably improvise on their articulation points.

Let's see if I do end up opening him in the next couple of days. Maybe.

The Rebel

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