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When it comes to Star Wars movie merchandises, there ain't a better place to look for those odd one-off products than your typical grocery stores. Or in my case, the convenient stores. The product in the spotlight today is the Ultra Milk x Star Wars drinks that I first came to know about from some random post on Instagram some months ago. Ultra Milk is the product of PT Ultrajaya Milk Trading Co. in Indonesia hence these are Indonesian exclusives which means that they're only available in the Indonesian market.

So I was thinking to myself that I'd probably need to purchase these off eBay if I decide to get them because I wasn't gonna go to Indonesia anytime soon and as The Rise of Skywalker is currently playing in the cinemas, these are probably gonna be hot items for collectors so I better think fast.

Lady Luck smiled at me about a week ago when I got the instructions to travel down to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend some work discussions.

The funny thing is I didn't really remember to look for the Ultra Milk products until a fellow colleague pointed out the TV commercial when we were resting in our hotel rooms after we arrived in the city.

Notice that the two actors in the video below are chosen because they slightly resemble Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey? They didn't have to do this but the extra touch is nice.

The Ultra Milk x Star Wars products aside, I noticed that the advertisement also used many Star Wars collectibles in the background behind the actors that'll make you wanna hit the pause button just to marvel at those. How many can you name here?

So, here are the two Ultra Milk x Star Wars milk drinks that got me running down to Jakarta to find them. They come in two flavours, Taro (Yem) and Caramel. The purple (taro flavoured) one was harder to find (well, to me at least during my limited time in the city) and I've only came across it once. I took a couple of the less damaged boxes from a convenient store in front of my hotel and never saw it again throughout the remainder of my days in Jakarta. I guess the locals really love taro/yem flavoured drinks.

The caramel flavoured milk came in abundance and I had the liberty of stocking up on it before I left the city. I've tasted the caramel drink but I never tasted the taro flavoured one just yet because of its scarcity.

But how do collectors of packet drinks store these things? Do you guys actually drink the liquid and store only the packets? Or do you keep them together with the liquid inside? One thing's for sure, milk won't erode the paper carton packaging as opposed to those who leave Coca-Cola drinks inside their respective cans. 

In the meantime, let's marvel at the satisfying art taken off the new Star Wars movie on the packaging of these two UHT milk drinks. Such beauty!

I've also noticed that Indonesia seemed to have another exclusive The Rise of Skywalker line of products in the form of men's facial cleasing products. I never got around to finding these because by the time I saw the TV commercials I was already about to leave for the airport to head home. Pretty cool exclusives. Makes me wonder why Malaysia doesn't have any of these.

Here are the TV spots with local Indonesian talents to promote PONDS' Star Wars facial cleansing products. My favourite is the one with the silhoutte of Stormtroopers. And yes, they also picked an actor who slightly resemble Kylo Ren.


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