First look at Rob Pattinson's Bat suit

A video of Robert Pattinson in a new Bat suit has been making its round since yesterday. I understand that director Matt Reeves had released the short video as a response to the pressures unleashed by demanding fans who constantly flood the internet about how concerned they were on Reeves choice of actor for Bruce Wayne and how the new Batman suit might not be up to THEIR expectations.

I love the heroic music in this video. Let's just hope the actual soundtrack will kick arse too.

Glad to say that the new suit is somehow like a throwback to the one worn in the Gotham by Gaslight graphic novel as it has a collar on it.

Here's some screengrabs from the video for a closer look....

A friend of mine is already saying that the cowl is sort of a tribute to the one worn by Adam West in the campy '66 TV series. I have no complaints here as I absolutely love that TV series.

How about the Bat insignia? Evidently the 'bat' does not have any ears here, a big change to the Bat insignias of yore that we've seen on-screen throughout the years.

I love every single Batman movies made thus far, even the one with George Clooney in it. I prefer Keaton-bats and Bat-fleck over Bat-bale and I do not mind if you're not ok with my preferences. To each their own. I am confident Robbie Pattinson's gonna pull this off. After all, some of us did give a hard time to Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix when they were first announced for their roles.

Everyone was not far off with their prediction with Jared Leto though. Take comfort in that.

The Rebel


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