Soldier Story's 2nd Battalion Ranger Infantryman

The rivalry between DiD (Dragon in Dreams) and Soldier Story (SS) to control the WW2 1/6th scaled action-figure market has really reached a new height when Soldier Story (SS) retaliated immediately to release their offering of a 2nd Ranger Battalion Infantryman, right after DiD announced their 'Pvt Jackson' figure! While it must be good for collectors to have a variety of products to choose from, many would wish that the same could be said about their wallet's capabilities/willingness to get both of these figures, which in my opinion, each have their own strengths and outstanding features that sets them apart from each other. Both versions are due for a late-July '09 release.

It's a completely 2 different character/personality if you ask me i.e. if you prefer the exact sniper dude from saving Private Ryan or you simply need a sniper to build your WW2 Infantry squad, then get DiD's Pvt Jackson......but if you're okay with just having a 'generic' headsculpt and just looking forward to have another M1-wielding rifleman, then by all means, you'd be satisfied with the SS version (tho' many had voiced out on SS's feeble attempt to create an unauthorised Tom Hanks likeness!)

It'll be great to get superb quality WW2 products and character likeness from now onwards. From where I see it, the feud between the two companies can only mean one thing........constant product improvisations that can only benefit collectors! Ain't a bad thing at all!!!!

The Rebel

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